7 easy tips to start meditating

7 easy tips to start meditating

Meditation helps you improve your focus and gain a better understanding of how your mind works. The art of meditation is ancient in origin and scientists are still uncovering its many benefits.

Studies show that regular meditation changes your brain structure and lets you have greater control of your emotions, concentrate for longer and decrease stress levels.

There are lots of different ways to meditate so its worth experimenting a little and try the technique that works best for you.

If youre new to meditation here are a few tips to get you started:

Find yourself a peaceful place

Meditation is best done in a calm and quiet environment. Somewhere you know you wont be interrupted so the fewer distractions the better. Whether you chose to meditate for five or thirty minutes chose somewhere you can relax.

Figure out how long to meditate for

It’s best to establish a routine early on with meditation. If possible you should try and meditate at the same time each day. When youre just starting out you should start with smaller slots, for example, 10 minutes and then build yourself up to longer meditation sessions of say 40 minutes. The more you meditate the sooner youll start to see the benefits.

Wear comfortable clothes 

Meditation helps you calm your mind, it trains you to block out external distractions and build your willpower. Wearing uncomfortable or tight clothing will make relaxing more challenging. You should wear loose-fitting clothing during meditation such as a tracksuit. And dont forget to take off your shoes!


People stretch before exercising so it makes sense to stretch before exercising your brain. If youre sitting for a while make sure to stretch your neck, shoulders, and lower back. A few minutes of stretching should be more than enough to prepare your body and mind for meditation.

Get yourself into a comfortable position 

Being comfortable when you meditate is vital, so sit in a position that feels right for you. You should sit balanced, tall, and with a straight back so that your spine can support your upper body. You should be comfortable and relaxed but be careful you dont get too comfy as you might drift off.

Focus on your breathing

Breathing is core to virtually all meditation techniques. Breathing meditation is, therefore, a great place to get started. Draw your attention to your chest as you inhale and exhale. Don’t actively try to alter your breathing rhythm. Instead breathe normally. You should focus on your breathing and nothing else. Just familiarise yourself with your breathing patterns. Your mind will naturally start to wander but dont worry. Meditation takes practice and the whole point is to recognise when your thoughts drift and to then refocus your attention on your breathing thinking of nothing else.

Keep your eyes closed

Some people meditate with their eyes open but as a beginner, youll probably find it easier with your eyes closed as itll greatly reduce visual distractions.


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