Carol Pilates Story

Carol Pilates Story

Sixty-something Carol recently started attending Pilates classes with us, and her story is one of the most inspirational we’ve come across.

After only a few lessons Carol is already enjoying improved flexibility and balance.
Under Aneta’s guidance, she’s now able to get up and down without needing support and is walking taller.

‘It was with some apprehension that I recently attended a Pilates class. Apprehensive because years ago I completed a beginner’s Pilates course which was all about pulling in my pelvic floor, I know my pelvic floor is important, but I found the exercises boring and used to come out of the classes feeling I hadn’t achieved anything. Now in my mid-60,s I thought I would give Pilates another go, but I was worried that I would walk into a class full of body beautiful youngsters, for me youngsters are anyone up to the age of 40, clad in designer gear.  However, I needn’t have worried about anything, Aneta teaches Michael King Pilates which is completely different to my previous Pilates experience.
Since my retirement I have been in danger of becoming a couch potato, the most exercise I get is holding a wine glass and reaching for the tv remote control.  Time for the change I thought so went along to a Pilates class at New Eltham, it wasn’t at all intimidating, everyone was very friendly.  The workout routines are quite intense and as it’s early days I can’t easily do all of them, however, Aneta is always on hand to show me where I am going wrong, and basically, if I find the exercise easy I am doing it wrong.  I am taking Pilates classes to improve my balance, flexibility and core strength as I get older.  The old adage “use it or lose it” applies here.  I have only had a few lessons but already can feel the benefit; I find I am walking taller, am conscious of pulling in my stomach muscles when walking, my balance has also improved, I can easily bend down and get up without holding on to anything. That’s not to say the workout routines are easy,  they are strenuous and I do ache for a couple of days after classes, but a small price to pay if my fitness improves. So now it’s just a question of time, the more I go to classes, the easier it will get and the more I will improve – well that’s what should happen!’


These kinds of benefits obviously require some work on behalf of the student, but this time around Carol is consistently seeing her efforts rewarded, and is no longer worried about turning into a stereotypical couch potato!

Many Pilates students have inspiring stories to tell about why they started practising and the progress they have made – so please don’t be shy about sharing your experiences too!


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