12 Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

12 Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

Getting your 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables can be tricky! But with green smoothies, you can easily cram a day’s worth of goodness into a glass.

Smoothies can be as simple or as fancy as you want. And not only are they extremely tasty they’re packed with nutrients!

Here are a few reasons to drink them:

Quick and Easy to Make

Smoothies are essentially healthy fast-food! With the help of a blender, you can mix up a delicious drink in minutes. What’s more, it’ll keep you going most the day!

Can be Eaten On-The-Go

It’s also now possible to buy to-go cups, so taking your smoothie with you and eating on-the-go becomes a breeze.  Even when you’re rushed and busy it’s still possible to eat a healthy diet.


Blending also has another benefit in that it breaks down the cell walls of leafy greens unlocking their nutrients and antioxidants. This, in turn, makes them easier for your body digest. Drinking slowly allows your body time to digest fibre, whereas drinking too quickly may leave you feeling bloated!

Easy Way to Eat your Greens

Not everyone gets excited by a plate of greens. If you aren’t a salad person, green smoothies are a great alternative. Two cups of blended fruit and vegetables are more than enough to provide you with your daily recommended allowance.

Raw Food Benefits

Because smoothies are made by blending raw ingredients, none of the nutrients is lost, unlike cooked food.


Smoothies are made using whole fruit so the plant fibres are retained. Fibre is very important for the body as it cleanses and eliminates waste. You’ll feel full for longer.

Weight Loss

Vegetables contain few calories.  Provided you don’t add lots of sugary juices or other high-calorie foods, smoothies are fantastic for weight watchers. Because of their high levels of water and fibre, smoothies are very filling.

Eliminate Cravings

Regularly eating fruit and vegetables eliminates sugar cravings, keeping you away from snacks and chocolate.


Dark green leafy vegetables offer the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food type.  They’re a rich source of vitamin K and important minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium.

Increased Energy

Antioxidants present in vegetables help detox and cleanse the body as well as improve your health. You’ll notice you have increased energy levels in no time.


Smoothies require a liquid base, similarly the water already present in fruit and vegetables will keep up your fluid intake and keep you hydrated.

Better Skin and Hair

Smoothies are rich in fibre meaning toxins in your body are flushed away naturally, leaving you with a healthy glow.

The benefits of green smoothies are so great and so beneficial to our health, that we should all make them a part of our general routine, no matter the time of the year.

Check our timetable and let’s get your mind and body working to their fullest potential!

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