Are you seeking a place, a haven, where you can go, reconnect with yourself and achieve a balance in your life, feeling at one with your surroundings?

Then our classes are perfect for you. Both these and our workshops have been carefully created and prepared in order to make you look and feel good, developing acute awareness of your body and mind.

Passion drives us

Passionate about Pilates and all that it entails, we work with you slowly and gently, not only enabling you to carve a poised and slender body but at the same time, regain good mental form. Because we work with you at your space, you will find that you gradually adopt a positive attitude to the world and your lifestyle in a very natural way. Feeling happy and obtaining realisation of dreams should play a big part in your life and we show you how to make it possible with Pilates and other similar forms of physical movement.

Committed to working with you

Once you start practising with us, you will begin to reap the benefits in heaps; a slender and graceful silhouette, improved flexibility and balance, overall physical fitness and a fine-tuning of your body and mind, prolonging youth and vitality. Our aim is to foster lasting feelings of wellbeing and the ability to face life head-on, embracing all that comes before you fully and without fear. We are committed to empowering you to achieve your goals, whether they involve health, attainment of physical fitness and flexibility or fine-tuning of your body-mind balance.

This is the place to be to restore your body and mind to full working order; soon we will be adding further classes covering yoga and healthy nutrition. You owe it to yourself to become a part of our group so pick a class now and come along.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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