Lifestyle Effects Posture?!

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Lifestyle Effects Posture?!

Often people spend many hours during their daily activities lifting, bending forward and sitting.  Consider your lifestyle, how many times during the day do you compromise your spine when lifting, bending, or sitting at your computer.

Research suggests that many problems with the back result from a combination of poor posture and body mechanics which create abnormal stress on the spine.  This stress can eventually develop into structural changes in the spine which manifest as disc and joint degeneration, shortening or lengthening of support ligaments and muscles together with wear and tear on cartilage. 


The key elements to keeping your spine healthy are:

  • learning and practising good posture
  • using good body mechanics during everyday activities
  • regular exercise


If you can master maintaining a neutral spine, retaining the three natural curves of the spine as you move from one position to the next you will be closer to protecting your spine from unnecessary stress and strain.

The basis of effective back care begins with good posture.  Poor posture can cause spinal pain as well as exacerbate existing pain, it can also delay rehabilitation.  Poor posture has been associated with chronic headaches, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) and shoulder pain.


Come to one of the group classes to learn what good posture looks like and how to find it in your body so that you can take your best spine out into the world and with you wherever you go!


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