Tell us about your Pilates success story!

Tell us about your Pilates success story!

If there’s one activity that fully encapsulates the spirit of Enjoy Good Lifestyle it’s Pilates – and we want to hear all about your experience.

We’re constantly amazed at the difference this century-old activity has made to the lives of those who make the wise decision to make it part of their regular exercise routine. Like any worthwhile activity, however, Pilates requires some commitment from you if you’re to get the most from it – and though any experienced practitioner will tell you that the rewards far outweigh the effort, it’s always good to have access to a community of fellow devotees to help guide you through your journey.

We’d, therefore, love to hear all about your experience: Did you enjoy your first session? Did you hate it? Was it confusing? Did it feel odd?

We’d also love to know what made you start, how long you’ve been practising and what the outcome has been.

You may have found that your stamina has notably improved with cardio-based activities like running, cycling and swimming feeling much easier and more balanced; you may find that resistance exercises in the gym require far less effort as your mind is focused increasingly on the ‘here and now’, rather than the past or future.

Many people have also used Pilates to solve long-standing health conditions – particularly chronic lower back pain – whilst others find that the improvements it brings to their core strength capability help them enjoy greater confidence, awareness and creativity.

One thing’s for sure – once you tell us your story you’ll be in good company, with a host of high-profile celebrities very vocal about how Pilates has helped them:

Cameron Diaz’s predilection for starring in action movies makes a great deal of sense when you discover that the Charlie’s Angels star incorporates regular Pilates sessions into her busy schedule to maintain a physique that many women nearly half her age view with envy.

More and more men are taking up Pilates too, with none other than David Beckham incorporating it into his celebrated fitness regime. He claims it offers just the right amount of activity without over-taxing his tired or injured muscles, and who are we to argue? Those abs don’t lie!

Alternatively, why not take a leaf from all-round Hollywood A-lister Megan Fox? The widely-admired cover girl openly claims to be lazy and dislikes visiting the gym – but the controlled movements, stretches and deep breathing used in Pilates help keep her fit with minimal effort.

You may not be a worldwide megastar, but the great thing about Pilates is that – like anything in life that’s truly worth having – it’s available to everybody. So why not give it a try and share your own epic journey with us? As well as enhancing your own life you’ll help inspire another generation to enjoy ongoing improved health and vitality too.

Email us your story (preferably with some pictures as well), share your experiences and visit our site regularly to pick up some inspiration from your fellow students!


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