What is core strength and stability?

What is core strength and stability?

What is core strength and stability?

Core strength is the ability of the trunk to support the effort and forces of the arms and legs so the muscles and joints can work in their strongest, safest and most effective position. In simple mechanical terms a strong stable base is needed for any lever  system to work. In this case the muscles of the torso stabilise the spine  to provide a solid foundation for movement in the arms and legs.


Enjoy 3min plank workout with me and definitely you will have fun!

Benefits of core training Your body is constantly challenged to react to its environment,  whether you are working out or simply living your life.  A strong, stable core has far reaching results:

  • improved posture
  • greater capacity for speed  generation – whether  running, throwing, skiing or sprinting
  • increased ability to change direction
  • more efficient use of muscle power
  • decreased injury risk
  • improved balance  and muscular  co-ordination.

Becoming aware of  movement and bringing  the protection of the spine  back under conscious  control is an important  part of core training.

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