Why Pole Dancing is the Ultimate Workout?

Why Pole Dancing is the Ultimate Workout?

Those in the know will already be aware that pole dancing is a full-body workout. What other activities consist of resistance training, acrobatic finesse, and cardio all rolled into one exciting challenge? The simple act of climbing a pole is an incredible display of strength, and it’s no surprise that most pole dancers insist they have never looked or felt better. 

Pole Dance Fitness has become extremely popular all over the world, but what are the benefits and why should you consider it as a new hobby? Here are our top reasons why you’ll love pole dancing classes.


Pole Dancing is a fantastic way of exercising! It strengthens and tones your entire body, develops your cardiovascular stamina, and increases your flexibility. Overall body strength will skyrocket at a phenomenal rate. No other workout combines such challenging and rewarding routines.


Many popular fitness regimes focus only on changing the way our body looks. They focus on the end result and not the process. Because of this, a lot of women view working out as a chore. Pole dancing flips that principle on its head by redirecting the energy away from what your body looks like toward what it can do, which is a much healthier way to keep fit.


Not many workouts are so much fun that you don’t notice how hard you are working out! This is one of pole dancing’s largest benefits. Enjoyment is one of the biggest factors in getting fit. You’ll leave your fitness class buzzing with positivity and feeling amazing.


Pole Dancing is exciting because there are always new moves to master. As soon as you’ve conquered one move, more advanced moves are waiting just around the corner! The satisfaction of mastering a new skill is a huge part of why pole dancing should be your next challenge.


There’s something uniquely empowering about pole dancing; it could be the strength and power you receive from pole practice, the ownership of your sensuality, or the buzz you get from developing and mastering new moves. People are consistently praising how pole dancing has increased their confidence and helped them walk tall.


      Pole dancing can, and is, the ultimate workout for everyone. The average person may assume there is only one type of pole dancing (the kind performed in strip clubs), but there are actually other styles; such as “athletic” and “artistic.” Others use pole dancing to tell stories through dance.

Whatever way you go about it, pole dancing allows women to become more closely connected to their own bodies. In some cases, this can helps them express their sexuality on their own terms. This better understanding of their bodies leads to more enjoyment in those bodies. Whatever outcome you seek from pole dancing, you’ll be amazing at the newfound connection to your body, and the pride and achievement you’ll benefit from.

Another massive benefit to pole dancing is erasing the narrow-minded view that all pole dancers work their jobs out of desperation. Many women feel perfectly content with their profession and none of us have the right to judge another person’s passion or choices.

So, can you benefit from pole dancing? Of course, you can! Whatever your desired result, you can dance out any emotion in these fitness classes; joy, anger, even sadness. The beautiful combination of athletic skill and artistic influence makes pole dancing absolutely incomparable to any other form of dance or sport. Take the dive and experience the ultimate workout, and the best way to feel more in sync with your body – start pole dancing classes today!

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