Why You Should Treat Yourself to A Pilates Retreat

Why You Should Treat Yourself to A Pilates Retreat

So, you enjoy PilatesHave you ever found yourself thinking about a residential retreat but never actually committing? Well, the best day to begin a change is today. 

There are more benefits than the obvious, strong connectionwith your instructor, and being able to really push your body. 

You’ll meet great new people

Everyone at a retreat is there for the same reason as you. Whether you go alone or with a friend, you’re guaranteed to meet and build relationships with people from all walks of life. You’ll be able to support and learn from each other whilstsurrounding yourself with positive, healing energy.

You’ll broaden your horizons  

Most retreats are held in picturesque, secluded locations up in rugged hills, beautiful countryside or overlooking a wildbeach. During your retreat, you’ll have opportunities to explore these peaceful locations with the new people you’llhave met, and practice Pilates together in the great outdoors. 

You’ll detox digitally 

So many jobs now require us to be on call 24/7 and even if this is not the case for you, social media profiles are forever waiting for attention – and that can steal hours from your day. On a Pilates retreat, you are surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful environment that will inspire you to get back to the basics, whether there is a strict technology ban or not.

You’ll feel refreshed and reconnect with yourself 

We often spend our lives taking care of others and, all too often, forget to prioritise our own health and happiness. A retreat gives you the opportunity to pause the responsibilitiesof everyday life. Focus on yourself and of your Pilates, and help connect you to your inner self, giving you time to fully relax, refresh and recharge.

You can commit to the craft

At home, it can be difficult to practice Pilates regularly if your schedule is full of other commitments. When you’re on a retreat, everything else is secondary. Youll stretch out and flex through moves that currently challenge you and be inspired to push yourself and your abilities, to evolve your spiritual level, and to never look back.


All retreats focus on the perfect balance of Pilates, healthy eating, walking and, of course, lots of time to relax!

If you are interested in finding out more, click here.

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